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We offer the best lipo laser prices in Henderson and Las Vegas 


Back to school ... now its me time

Lipo laser can help reduce back fat and sculpt the body you've always wanted.  

All sessions come with whole body vibration

6 sessions:  $155

8 sessions $199

10 sessions: $225

20 sessions: $350

​Add 10 Body Melts to any of these packages for only $100.

4 Blueberry Butt lifts $200

If you're looking for quick results in your weight loss battle, Quick Slim has solutions for you. 

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For your convenience you can schedule your appointment online. For lipo laser appointments please remember not to eat 1h before and 2h after the season.

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Looking for body sculpting, back fat reduction, cellulite treatment or a fast-quick-safe weight loss boost in Las Vegas or Henderson ?  Check out our specials.